Matsuyama Night

February 11, 2011 / DJ Mix, Party,

Matsuyama, 1st night of Shikoku tour was so huge!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came down

and tomorrow is…

▼香川:2011/02/11 Fri. OPEN: 20:00〜
KATANASHI VS:Pranky@nattsu music cafe

Resaved: 2000(with 1drink)/With Flyer: 2500(with 1drink)/Door: 3000(with 1drink)

Click flyer for more info/詳細はフライヤーをクリック!

そして、四国プロモDJ Mixも絶賛ダウンロード中。まだの人どうぞ。
You can still Download my promo DJ mix for this tour below.

1. TJO Electro & Drum’n'Bass Promo DJ Mix for Shikoku Tour

2. TJO House Promo DJ Mix for Shikoku Tour

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